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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy specifies what information we collect from you, and what we do with that information once collected.


We firmly believe in our customers' right to privacy, and we respect that right by adhering to the concept of Fair Information Practices.

We are certainly not trying to confuse you with a 20-page privacy statement that absolves us of all responsibility, all the while removing any rights to your information that you may have had.

Collection Limitation

When you visit our site, our servers automatically collect these pieces of information from your computer:

  • IP Address
  • Information automatically sent by your browser
  • Any other information you voluntarily send to us

All additional information you provide is stored on our secure server until you request we remove it. We store credit card information in a physically secure data center using industry-standard strong encryption.

Data Quality

We strive to maintain the most accurate information possible in order to maintain our high quality standard of service. If any of your information changes, please log in to the website and update it, or contact a customer service representative to do so for you.

Purpose Specification

We only collect information that is relevant to our mission of providing you with the best customer service possible. All the information we collect is directly tied to serving you as a user of our site, and not for any other purpose.

Use Limitation

When you place an order, we provide your name, address, and credit card information to our credit card processor to validate and charge your card. When we ship your order, we provide your name, address, and phone number to our shipping company.

We will never provide your personal information to any other third party, under any circumstances.

Security Safeguards

We take significant precautions to protect your information. Communications between your browser and our server are encrypted using at least 128-bit SSL. Your financial information is stored in our secure data center, using industry-standard strong encryption.

In the unlikely event that your information were compromised, we would notify you immediately pursuant with California Civil Code Section 1798.29. We've been around a long time, and this has never happened.

Individual Participation

You own your personally-identifying information, and have the right to control our access to it. At any time, you can log in and access, modify, or remove your information from our server.


We pledge to adhere to these Principles. If you believe that we have violated these terms, please send us an email and we'll do our utmost to rectify the situation.


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