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Changes to Step #5

Edit by Adam Dumas

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Step Lines

-[* black] With red o-ring towards point of poppet stem, slide [|HP Valve Seal] on to poppet stem
-[* black] Apply high-pressure lubricant or similar ([|11136]) to outside diameter of hp valve seal
-[* black] Slide [|Back-up Ring] on to poppet stem behind hp valve seal
+[* black] With the O-ring towards the point of the poppet stem, slide the [|high pressure valve seal] on to the poppet stem
+[* black] Apply a high-pressure lubricant or a similar one([|11136]) to the outside diameter of the high pressure valve seal.
+[* black] Slide the [|back-up ring] on to the poppet stem behind the high pressure valve seal.