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Changes to How to Repair a KMT Style SL4 Dynamic Seal Assembly Using Kit #12137 Introduction

Edit by Adam Dumas

Edit approved by Adam Dumas



  • Repair Kit #12137 x1 added.
  • High-Pressure Seal with O-ring #12142 (included in kit) x1 added.
  • Packing Follower #12135 (included in kit) x1 added.
  • Dynamic Seal Back-up #12139 (included in kit) x1 added.
  • SL4, High-Pressure Cylinder #11223 x1 added.
  • SL4, Cylinder Liner #11605 x1 added.
  • High-Vacuum Grease #11447 (included in kit) x1 added.
  • Blue Goop #11111 x1 added.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol x1 added.